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Ciao a tutti!

When it comes to Paintings Restoration, Florence is the best place to learn. The city hosts plenty of fine arts conservation laboratories.
Accademia Riaci offer Paintings Restoration programs, where students learn the scientific and technical tools/methods for identifying the materials employed in the fabrication and restoration of artifacts, while developing a technical understanding of art works properties, as well as the mechanisms of deterioration of art works.

Every 2 years, Florence holds the Art Restoration Exhibition (Salone dell’arte e del Restauro di Firenze). The coming date is 13-15 November 2014.
The biennial Fair will be a showcase dedicated to everybody working in the sector, setting up seminars and specialized workshops, which represent a unique opportunity to observe the real conservation techniques with your own eyes. The aim of this event is promoting cultural and environmental heritage and the important social role that Art Restoration plays nowadays.

It’s the perfect event for those who are interested in the field and want to have a closer look to understand how practically restoration work takes place.

Here is the official web site (only Italian):

We will post the Paintings Restoration class picture very soon, so stay connected!

Painting Restoration Fair in Florence



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