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Have you ever thought about learning handicrafts?
At Accademia Riaci you can engage in various crafts courses, such as jewelry, furniture making, woodcarving, stained glass, sculpture and ceramics.

Today I would like especially to talk about the potential of studying ceramics and why Florence is a great place to do it.

Learning how to work with clay is not just an artistically fulfilling activity, but it might also disclose a number of practical career prospects. Ceramic artists can make a living selling work at art fairs, galleries. They can also work with high-end interior designers to create custom tiles for bathroom and kitchen design. Aside from selling work, ceramics graduate students can also find jobs teaching in community centers and schools.

In Accademia Riaci, Ceramics academic courses equip students with greater knowledge to help in pursuing a professional career in the field, giving students access to glaze mixing and specialty firing processes. Students can learn practical aspects of ceramics that can help in creating their own professional studios.
Moreover our professors use an individualized approach to meet each student’s need and preference, guiding them in the development of a unique style or technique that reflect their own creativity and originality.

Florence is a vibrant city well known all over the world not only for its beautiful museums and outstanding monuments, but also for its top quality craftsmanship, handed down through centuries of tradition, and for its elegance and good taste in creation.
The city and its surroundings offer many opportunities to explore pottery and clay art, throughout the whole year, including international events as well as permanent exhibitions.

Here some ideas for your ceramics tour:
1)”Museo della Ceramica” at Montelupo (Fi)
The museum exhibits numerous archeological finds from prehistoric times to the late Middle Ages and the locally manufactured pottery found in the urban excavations. The exhibition area reserved for the ceramic has a large selection of over 3,000 pieces restored that testify the activities of the local workshops from the middle Ages to the end of the Modern Age.

2)”The Porcelain Museum”, where the most beautiful porcelain of all Europe are exposed.

3)” International Ceramics Fair”, an exhibition of contemporary ceramics held every year in Florence. Since 2002, the exhibition has become a popular meeting point among the potters of great prestige, coming from more than 75 different countries.




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