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Hyunjin KIM

Nationality: Korea
Course: Shoe Making
Program: 1year COURSE
Period: 2013/10/14 - 2014/6/6

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Shoe Making Course

After studying Oriental painting in South Korea, she came to Italy to study shoes in which she was interested in since her childhood.
Sh first studied shoe design at Polimoda, and then decided to join Accademia Riaci to focus on the techniques of shoe making.
She is now studying under skilled artisan in Florence, and she decided to extend her shoe making corse for another year to deepen the knowledge and achieve higher level of shoe making techniques, to follow her future dream of opening her own atelier.

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Reporter: Hyunjin KIM | Course: Shoe Making Course

Shoe Making Loafer (Dark brown)

Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10

1. Si cuciono tutte le varie parti per fare il modello “Mocassino”.
모카신을 만들기위해 모든 조각들을 순서에 맞게 박음질을 해 준다.

Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10

2. Si inizia il montaggio sulla forma e poi si aggiunge la pelle sul puntale.
앞코에 보강제를 넣어주고 다시 라스팅을 해준다.

Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10

3. Si cuce il guardolo con la tomaia e la fodera, si mette il cambriglione, successivamente la pelle ed il sughero.
구두 옆부분을 웰트를 사용해서 어퍼와 라이닝을 함께 손바느질로 꿰매준다. 그 다음 구두 바닥에 가죽과 코르크로 매꿔준다.

Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10 Shoe Making 10

4. Si attacca il cuoio della suola e poi si cuce con il guardolo.
먼저 신발 밑창 가죽을 붙여준 다음 바느질할 부분 공간을 만들고 나서 웰트와 밑창을 같이 손바느질로 꿰매준다.


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