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Christine Lesperance
Christine Lesperance

Nationality: American
Course: shoe design and making
Program: One year
Period : Apr.25,2016-July 29,2016

After briefly studying Fashion Design at the Arts Institute in Miami, Christine came to Florence to study shoe design/making which was her real passion. At Accademia Riaci, she began her Shoe Design course with Professor Andrea Roth, a one-time designer for the Ferragamo shoe brand. In the design course, Christine was taught all of the design elements for creating beautiful footwear. She also learned how to balance creativity with technical skills. Upon completion of the design course, she was excited to move on to Shoe Making which is taught by Mr. Angelo.

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Reporter: Christine Lesperance | Course: Shoe Making/Design

Shoe Making 19-Atelier One-Year Course 2016

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_01
Florence as seen from the top Palazzo Vecchio. Even in the wintertime, it’s beautiful.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_02
The Arno river runs through the Tuscany region. It is the most important river, after Tiber, in Central Italy. Ponte Vecchio is one of the bridges that spans the river.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_03
Above is an example of a finished shoe pattern. This pattern was made from taping the last (mold.)

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_04
Above is an example of a “trial shoe.” From the pattern, we make a test/trial before cutting the leather to make the final product.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_05
Making a “trial” shoe (from a specific type of fabric) is necessary before making a leather shoe. Above is an example of a completed trial shoe.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_06
From the last (mold), a pattern is created. We now have to use the pattern to make a trial/sample shoe before moving on to the real thing–which is your final product which is mostly made from leather.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_07
Professor Angelo demonstrating to his students how to cut a shoe pattern. A steady hand and precision are necessary.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_08
Professor Angelo demonstrating to his students how to cut a shoe pattern. A steady hand and precision are necessary.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_09
Professor Angelo helping a student with patter-making. Sometimes several pieces must be cut (depending on the style of the shoe) and they all have to fit together like a puzzle.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_10
After the trial sample is successful, a student can move forward in making their leather shoe. Above is an example of the first stages of making the leather shoe after using the patterns.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160527_11
Accademia Riaci student making a trial shoe from his patterns. His shoe had a complicated design, therefor, his pattern was made from several different pieces.

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