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Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Master Course
Period: Sept. 5,2016-Apr. 28,2017

Shiau-Ting, Li. Shoes designer from Taiwan.
After working in Taiwanese footwear industry for three and a half years, she came to Firenze to study shoes making course, the city which is famous for leather art and shoes.
Although she already has basic aesthetics and sketching technique background from university (B.A.), yet she hopes to extend her shoe-making skills here in Riaci. She believes designer can deliver their thoughts through their works, hoping to keep motivate people with her designs.



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Reporter: Li SHIAU-TING | Course: Shoe Making/Design

Shoe Making 11-Master Course 2016 (Student1)

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_01

Our course focus on making upper couple week ago, in this week, we focus on the method of making outsole. In this picture, Angelo are teaching JOE the skills of skiving outsole.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_02

After lasting upper, the shoe needed to be skived by machine and put on shank.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_03

Today was Angelo’s birthday. We prepared cakes, champagne, music to celebrate. What a happy day! Happy birthday to dear Angelo.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_04

Back to reality after celebration, keep moving to next step. Put the welted on, cut a slice of leather to cover shank then, preparing for sticking outsole.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_05

Photo shot after combining outsole. It looked more heavy and solid.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_06

Before cutting groove, the leather should be wet.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_07
開溝是一項十分專業的技巧,需要長年經驗的累積,才能開出漂亮、乾淨的溝線。每次看教授切鞋底,都會看得出神。他咻的一下,輕輕劃過一圈,就切好了。當教授示範的時候,我一直si si si 個半天表示我了解,但換我切怎麼切就是切不下去。瞬間投以崇拜。希望自己有一天也能這樣運用自如。

To cut a beautiful groove need yearly practice and technical skills. Each time when I watching Angelo cutting grooves, it made me staggered. He did it quickly, beautifully, but for me, it ended up with totally different outcome. Hope one day I could do it as gracefully as he is.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_08
到了星期四,我們開始進行新的版型-Derby Shoe,Derby shoe跟Oxford不同的地方在於Derby有開放的前襟,在腳背的地方有更多的活動空間。Angelo說這款鞋我們將學習如何製作手縫線,在完成手縫線製作後教授會再帶著我完成Oxford囉。

This Thursday, we start from new pattern- Derby shoe. Derby shoe have open vamp compare to Oxford shoe. For this reason, there is more space around instep. Angelo said, we are going to learn how to make special thread for welting, then, I could follow him to keep working my Oxford shoe. Can’t wait!

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_09

This time, I use simple line with man size 42.

Li SHIAU-TING_20161125_10

The model between Derby and Oxford are very different. Though pattern seems simple, there was a profound of knowledge when making it. This is the pattern of tongue. In order to let upper fits last perfectly, the process need rotation to find the right angles.
This is weekly reports, see you next week!

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