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sharon palihawadana
Sharon Palihawadana

Nationality: Sri Lankan
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Master Coures
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 – Apr. 28, 2018

She went through with a working experience as a foot ware and fashion designer in capacity of holding a special (B.A) degree of Art & Design with academic learning in one of the best university in Sri Lanka. During last four years she has exposed and inspired with several global trends, techniques, methods which related to shoe industry.
Since her childhood it is one for her dreams to be pursuing her masters in art and design. She applied to the international art and design competition 2017 and obtained second place in category of professional in art painting and drawing section.


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Reporter: Sharon Palihawadana | Course: Painting and Drawing

Painting-Drawing 5-Master Course 2017 (Student1)

During our fall break I spent amazing time with some nature visits, get-togethers and many more time spent with relaxing my self.
This is a special time of the year when green turns into yellow, and red starts to bleed into the leaves. The cold nature signal to the trees to prepare for the winter, A walk in one of the most wonderful sceneries of Florence on the way to Villa vrindavana tempio Hare Krishna.





My friend got so much excited when she saw her god Krishna worship in Italy which was more related to the Indian culture and tradition. When she worshiping to her god.


Two of my friends and I were so excited when we finally went night out after few weeks on last Wednesday. We choose one of my favorite places in Florence which located in Piazza Santo Spirito; one of the famous squares in Florence, specially in night times it creates lovely atmosphere with both Florentine locals and visitors. People chat with friends going bars or pubs. We spent wonderful hours in there.




It was honestly so great to see my uncle and aunt on last Tuesday after long time. They live in Rimini where is different part of Italy ,and in my fall break they came to see me. It was a little family reunion with amazing time.


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