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sharon palihawadana
Sharon Palihawadana

Nationality: Sri Lankan
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Master Coures
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 – Apr. 28, 2018

She went through with a working experience as a foot ware and fashion designer in capacity of holding a special (B.A) degree of Art & Design with academic learning in one of the best university in Sri Lanka. During last four years she has exposed and inspired with several global trends, techniques, methods which related to shoe industry.
Since her childhood it is one for her dreams to be pursuing her masters in art and design. She applied to the international art and design competition 2017 and obtained second place in category of professional in art painting and drawing section.


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Reporter: Sharon Palihawadana | Course: Painting and Drawing

Painting-Drawing 12-Master Course 2017 (Student1)

After return from my amazing weekend it was time to jump back and start new semester. Very first day of new semester we start interesting session with new lecture, Professor Rinaldi. And we got also new 3 classmates.
Very first day of the semester we learnt about painting technique called Egg Tempera which has been used for centuries. Egg tempera is a permanent, fast-drying painting medium. Egg tempera paint consists of two ingredients; pigment and egg yolk. This paint is made by mixing powder pigment with egg yolk in roughly equal parts. The egg acts as the binder and will stick almost any pigment to many different surfaces.
So we learnt how to make this paint with classroom practical experience according to the step by step. First of all to make egg needs to be cracked and the yolk is separated from the white. After separating yolk cut with a knife and liquid is allowed to run into glass. Then add pigment approximately equal to the yolk and stir these together to create smooth creamy paint. Then add vinegar, it will keep the egg from quickly spoiling. This is how we did paint making sessions.





For the Egg tempera painting we need to have a heavy weight paper because paper needs to be flexible when applying gesso. Photo is my teacher how to prepare paper with gesso.


In Wednesday lesson with professor Alessandro we start to do sketching session. He wants us to practice portraits paintings of several artist and do experimental sketching with different of mediums; this is how we work on it.





Climbing the dome is a long hike, but is so worth it. The art on the dome’s ceiling and the view from the top overlooking the city are breathtaking. Had a visit to the Duomo on last weekend.



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