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Nationality: Singaporean
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep. 2, 2019 - Sep. 27, 2019

I’m Laverene from sunny island of Singapore, where we have hot summer 365 days a year.
Arts and have always been my passion, and am really glad that I made the move to come over and join the summer course. I’m graduated in fashion designing, worked in the fashion industry, and now it’s time for me to pursue further with my love for jewelry making. Am really happy to be able to revisit Florence for passion.

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Reporter: Laverene CHUA SIOW WOON | Course: Jewelry

Jewelry Making vol.1 (Summer 2019 – laverene)

Jewelry Making blog
My housemates, Holly, Yuki and Tarn. Our first meeting at the apartment and we decided to head to explore city center and have a little chill out evening.

Jewelry Making blog
A picture of myself at Rooster Cafe. Lovely ambience, food and staffs were super friendly! While I was appreciating an art work on the wall, one of the staffs pop over and introduce that the work was done by his mum. He also shared with me an artwork published for his mum’s work. Superb experience!

Jewelry Making blog
This is the first project I’ve worked in, sawing straight line and curves. Progression was quick and have move into hammering of the band.

Jewelry Making blog
Here you see the final product after cleaning and polishing of project 1. Have stayed back during the self-study time to practice the hammering technic and have completed 2 brass rings.

Jewelry Making blog
Project 2, I was a little more adventurous, exploring in silver. After practicing with saw technic with professor Joy, she has encouraged me do a piece of my own design. A quick brainstorm over a cup of cappuccino, and got designed this pendent. Working with technic of riveting the pieces together. Have managed to saw the pieces. Work in progress. Target to completed work next week.

Jewelry Making blog
The first Florentine steak I had this trip. La Grotta Guelfa was the first restaurant in Florence where I tried the Florentine steak many years back.

Jewelry Making blog
Caffè Gilli have always been my favorite pastry cafe. Love the fruit tarts. I still see familiar staffs working there. It definitely did not fail me.

Jewelry Making blog
Caught up with roommate Holly and schoolmate Lucas for a chill out after class at the bar below our school.

Jewelry Making blog
The first sunset shot on streets of Florence. This was taken when Tarn and myself is walking over for the welcome dinner.

Jewelry Making blog
The first sunset shot on streets of Florence. This was taken when Tarn and myself is walking over for the welcome dinner.

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Course: Jewelry

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