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Ashley Li Ye

Nationality: Singaporean
Course: Jewelry Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Sep. 3, 2018 - Apr. 26, 2019

After graduating with a Diploma in business, Ashley decided to do something she likes and turns it into her career.
She has some experience in metalsmithing and precious metal Silver clay. After winning the competition hosted by Accademia Raici, she started her path in this therapeutic city, Florence.

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Reporter: Ashley Li Ye | Course: Jewelry

Jewelry Design vol.4 – One Year 2018 (a.l.y)

Jewelry Design blog
The Instructor introduced rendering light reflection on objects. Different shapes of an object will create a different kind of light reflections, as a jewelry designer, it is important to remember them.

Jewelry Design blog
For this week, we also started on training freehand sketching. Here are some warm-up exercises to do before sketching.

Jewelry Design blog
Then we did sketching of a lady’s brooch, for both front view and side view.

Jewelry Design blog
Following by sketching of some pendants. There’s no shortcut in sketching, is all about repetition.

Jewelry Design blog
This is a simple ring that we sketch and render to understand light reflection on different surfaces. When it comes to jewelry design presenting, the light source is always from the top left-hand side.

Jewelry Design blog
We did one more practice on an earring to understand better on light reflections.

Jewelry Design blog
The Italian luxury brand Giampiero Bodino was introduced. A movie was watched to understand better the brand.

Jewelry Design blog
The most interesting about the brand is that the designer will draw out the customized jewelry for the client before stepping into production. As shown in the picture, every client will be amazed by the drawing.

Jewelry Design blog
I ended my week in Pisa, which is only 1 hours from Florence.

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