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Xiao wangyue

Nationality: China
Course: Jewelry Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Jan. 14, 2019 - Jul. 26, 2019


I haven’t received professional training for Jewelry when I was in university. I turned to be a jewelry designer from HR during my study abroad in Japan, and totally rely on my love for jewelry and the embarrassment of being a designer. After studying jewelry design and making in Japan, I worked in Tokyo as a jewelry designer. As a newcomer to the jewelry industry, there is still a long way to go, and I hope to make breakthroughs and improvements in the next six months of Italy.

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Reporter: Xiao wangyue | Course: Jewelry

Jewelry Design vol.15 (One-year 2019 – Xiao)

1-2 在基础课堂上,听老师讲解色彩的相关知识。色彩的概念、原理,色彩的搭配,色彩在绘画中的运用等等。

In the basic lesson, listened to the teacher to explain the relevant knowledge of color. The concept of color, the principle, the matching of colors, the use of color in painting, and so on.

Jewelry Design blog

Interior Design blog

3-12 跟老师一起参观学院美术馆委罗基奥展。500多年前,文艺复兴早期代表人物委罗基奥以及他的学生达芬奇、波提切利等人的雕塑、素描、油画、壁画等作品。惊叹于大理石和青铜雕塑流畅的线条。而在一些油画上我们也可以窥见早起古董珠宝的精美。

Visited the Academy of Art Museum for the Verrocchio Exhibition with the teacher. A lot of sculptures, drawings, oil paintings, murals and other works by the early Renaissance representative Verrocchio and his students Da Vinci, Botticelli and others. Marvel at the smooth lines of marble and bronze sculptures that more than 500 years ago. On some oil paintings, we can also see the exquisiteness of early antique jewelry.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

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Jewelry Making vol.5 (Summer 2019 – mariko)

◼️9日間の夏休みが終わりました!! 近隣の国を旅行したり、ローマやミラノまで足を伸ばしたりと盛りだくさんの毎日で…
Language:   Reporter: Mariko KATO
Course: Jewelry

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Furniture Making vol.11 (One-year 2019 – Jioh)

Another engraving method. As I have used the handed blades…
Language:   Reporter: Jioh Kang
Course: Furniture Making and Restoration

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Painting Drawing vol.16 (One-year 2019 – Kristin)

Something New This week has been a huge come-down of ener…
Language:   Reporter: Kristin FIORVANTI
Course: Painting and Drawing

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