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Jioh Kang

Nationality: South Korea
Course: Furniture Making & Restoration
Program: One Year Course
Period: Jan. 14, 2019 - Jul. 26, 2019

Place of Birth Seoul, raised in Lantau, 2 years at Interlochen, 6months a Crimee, and 2.5 years at Ecouen. Pursued the basics of Fine Arts education. Now, based in Firenze learning furniture making and restoration.

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Reporter: Jioh Kang | Course: Furniture Making and Restoration

Furniture Making vol.5 (One-year 2019 – Jioh)

Inlay of personal designed flower. I’ve designed my interpretation of a flower. Four layers of wood sheets and sandwich with thicker boards to protect. Mindfully cut out the pieces and repeat the same process as the flower plate. Once all the pieces are cut off, fill in the negative space.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Apply animal glue on the sheet, all the pieces are fixed by little pieces of masking tape. Close the newspaper which is underneath and close. Rub the surface with hand to flatten the sheet.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

New start of an inlay piece. Inlay using bisturi only. It is a challenge to cut wood pieces with sharp edges. If you would put too much pressure, often the piece will break. This star shaped design requires the absolute accuracy of angle if not gaps are shown.

Art visit
Casa Buonarroti was Michelangelo’s property yet never been occupied by him. The museum contains multiples of Michelangelo’s letter and sketches. Today the space is dedicated to the artist by Michelangelo’s great nephew. Displaying and proudly conserved two marble relief pieces: the Madonna della Scala and Battle of Centaurs.
The studio room is magnificent covered by frescos of western men of people, whom worth being remembered.

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Shoe Making vol.1 (Atelier-One-year 2019 – yuki)

前日 授業が始まる前日に、これから3カ月間暮らすフラットへと入居しました。私が暮らすフラットには、寝室が3つと、共…
Language:   Reporter: Yuki SHIMOMURA
Course: Shoe Making/Design

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Glass Art vol.1 (Atelier-One-year 2019 – saki)

1. 今週は一番最初のステンドグラス工房での作業でした。最初はガラスを切る練習からです。ガラス板に油性ペンで線を描きそこ…
Language:   Reporter: Saki NAGAI
Course: Glass Art

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Jewelry Making vol.2 (Summer 2019 – mariko)

Language:   Reporter: Mariko KATO
Course: Jewelry

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