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Jioh Kang

Nationality: South Korea
Course: Furniture Making & Restoration
Program: One Year Course
Period: Jan. 14, 2019 - Jul. 26, 2019

Place of Birth Seoul, raised in Lantau, 2 years at Interlochen, 6months a Crimee, and 2.5 years at Ecouen. Pursued the basics of Fine Arts education. Now, based in Firenze learning furniture making and restoration.

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Reporter: Jioh Kang | Course: Furniture Making and Restoration

Furniture Making vol.1 (One-year 2019 – Jioh)

As my arrival to Florence, dear friend; Oceane has come to see me over the weekend.
Since the departure from Paris till now, 7-8 months, seeing her glowing face and still long hanging beautiful dreads. We are together walking around, walking into the musee as we stumble into the Palazzo Vecchio.

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Traditional Centaurs, Gods
Nessus- and Heracles
Marbles, all the chisel work, and curves.

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Walking up the stairs, facing a statue standing in the dome frame. The fine line through the wavy crown and her hair perhaps, down to her shoulders, finger tips, drape hanging behind her thighs and to her toes. Chiseled down to the smoothest and faded tints of the marble.
Showing the years and gentle shadows on the wall. She shall only shine through 9-19h at Piazza della Signoria.

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Venus, Sea Creatures, figures, people, gods, celebrating in vivid vibration of pastel frescos.

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La nascita di Venere, delicately expressed the beauty of strong and refined physiques done by Giorgio Vasari, 1557.

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Glimpse of a corner in Sala Dell’Udienza by Francesco de’ Rossi, decorated from 1543-1545. The contour of colors, expressions through the storyline of Marco Furio Camillo were breathtaking to be standing in the space and visually reading.

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Learning how to make my first prototype of inlaying method. 4 stacked thin wood pages, printed design attached by white glue. Bind with straight miniscule nails. Make a whole to race down the saw along the curved design.
Stack the pieces together carefully and to collect each piece.

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Once the sawing process is done, with all the pieces, now detach the panels carefully. 6 wood panels, 2 relatively thick panels to sandwich support the thinner inner pages. The fun part, heat the sand directly to the surface, as it heats up- add the value of tones on to every little pieces. Once the tones are set through the sand heating method, time to put back pieces into the negative frame pages. 4 shades of wood panels, Maple, Mahogany, Noisette, and the fine tint of green panel.

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Continuous and meticulous process of taping the wood pieces back together

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@ Loggia dei Lanzi

Interior Design blog
@ Loggia dei Lanzi

Interior Design blog
@ Loggia dei Lanzi

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@ Piazza di Santa Maria Novella

Perseus by Benvenuto Cellini, Benvenuto’s face behind the Perseus helmet as the visual signature. Beautiful details of the pillar, sheep, skull and the gods of fertility.
Group photos of the Art visit crew.

Under the perfect blue sky, La basilica di Santa Maria Novella ever shine showing off the aged beauty & grace beaten by the weather, wars, faith and peace of humans.

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