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Nationality: Thai
Course: Bag Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Sep. 2, 2019 - Apr. 24, 2020

With a background working in fashion industry as a bag designer for a brand in Bangkok, Thailand. She has participated in Art and design competition of Accademia Riaci in year 2018 and has won the 2nd place in Bag design category. She decided to pursue her goal and broaden her knowledge in Florence, Italy.

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Reporter: Arpagorn DARINTAPONG | Course: Bag Making/Design

Bag Design vol.1 (One-year 2019 – arpagorn)

Week1 : Bag design course
Monday 02.09.2019
The class started with the introduction of the course by our teacher Prof. Veronica.
She interviewed each student about their background and their goal for the course. I have seen that there are many students from all around the world attending this class.
I have introduced myself that I have worked as a bag designer before in Thailand but I would like to learn the effective design process and work more creatively. She had me take a look in some trend books and see if I find anything interesting as an inspiration for my collection as a starting point. We discussed what is my main theme and who is my main target customer group. Imagine what is her life style and her routine so I can have an idea what kind of bag would suit her life style.

Bag Design blog
Pic1 : Prof. Veronica discussed with a student

Bag Design blog
Pic2 : My mood board
I have collected some pictures to use in a mood board I picked from Spring/ Summer 2020 trend book Theme : A life

TUESDAY 03.09.2019
Today we continued developing concept. I presented my mood board to Prof.Veronica.
She suggested how to clarify my concept and to make a personality for my collection.
We discussed about materials or techniques that I would like to use.

Bag Design blog
Pic3: Each student concentrated with their projects

WEDNESDAY 04.09.2019
Basic lesson class : Storia dell’arte del Rinascimento
Today I attended art history class by Prof. Barbara. She introduced us the beginning of Renaissance art in Florence in 15th century. How The Medici dynasty began building things around Florence. She showed some works by famous artists from that era like Brunelleschi for Architecture / Donatello for Sculpture / Masaccio for painting
Where we can see their work in Florence or some place in Italy.

Bag Design blog
Pic4: Prof. Barbara explained the style of renaissance art

Bag Design blog
Pic5 : Prof. Barbara explained about The Medici family and how they had ruled Florence

THURSDAY 05.9.2019
Today I showed Prof. Veronica the techniques and form I was interested to use for my bag collection. She gave me some advised how to scope the idea as a main theme and where to find more references. I have concluded the functionality to my bag collection. Prof. Veronica suggested me to start sketching bag design.

Bag Design blog
Pic6 : My presentation (Bag references)

Bag Design blog
Pic7 : Prof. Veronica talked to a student

Bag Design blog
Pic8 : Today the temperature in Florence has dropped down. It was a chilly morning.

Bag Design blog
Pic9-10 : Lunch with a class mate

Bag Design blog

FRIDAY 06.09.2019
Art visit 11:00-12:30
Today we visited “Cenacolo di Sant’Apollonia” which is monumental refectory of the convent of Observant Benedictine sisters of Saint Apollonia, Founded in 1339. The museum contains painting from the deposits of The Florentine galleries. I have seen The last supper fresco by the great Renaissance artist Andrea del Castagno.

Bag Design blog
Pic11 : Prof.Barbara explained The frescoes of Sant’Egidio to the students

Bag Design blog
Pic12-13 : Me, Taking the pictures of the paintings

Bag Design blog

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