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Staff Blog≫ Master Course “Corporate Research” – Jewelry Design

Dear all, good morning!
Master Course "Corporate Research" - Jewelry Design
Today we are glad to introduce some beautiful works of Jewelry Design, realized by one of our Master students.

One of the main characteristics of Accademia Riaci Master course is the possibility to engage in a “corporate research” in the second term of the year: a joint project in collaboration with the local industry and/or professionals, where students can acquire concrete experience, becoming able to present themselves with a competitive career-oriented portfolio toward the professional world.

Student’s profile
Name: Ms. Yang Xin
Nationality: Chinese
Course: Jewelry Design – Master Course – 2013/2014

Research Theme
The student was assigned a specific topic to develop in accordance to the atelier’s request; the submission deadline was yesterday.
Requested products: hair ornaments, necklace, bracelet, hatpin, cufflinks;
Characteristics: extensive use of gemstones, big-size jewels, original design and delicate taste, inspired to Art Deco style
Production cost: Euro 1,000
Commercial price: Euro 2,000

The student has been very careful in designing the products, taking into account the production costs and selling price.
The actual products will be realized by maestro goldsmith Daniele (Professor of Jewelry Making at Accademia Riaci).

Master Course "Corporate Research" - Jewelry Design

Master Course "Corporate Research" - Jewelry Design

Master Course "Corporate Research" - Jewelry Design

Master Course "Corporate Research" - Jewelry Design




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