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Staff Blog≫ JEWELRY MAKING (10 February 2014)

Today we follow the ongoing making process of a gem-embedded finger ring.
It’s essential that the gem pedestal surrounded by petals fit the dome-shaped lower part perfectly. In case it doesn’t, it’s necessary to scrape and adjust its shape.
Next, students cut also the dome-shaped lower part into a shape of a flower petal, and perforate each petal.
The upper and lower petal parts must fit precisely.

JEWELRY MAKING (10 February 2014)

Prof. Daniele instructs students to work on the border of the petals more carefully to make it fit the lower dome-shaped part precisely.

JEWELRY MAKING (10 February 2014)

On the right, the pedestal where the gem will be embedded;
On the left, the dome-shaped part, which will be attached beneath it.

JEWELRY MAKING (10 February 2014)

Also the dome-shaped part is cut into a shape of petals, and then cut a hole on each petal.




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