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Nationality: Japan
Course: Shoe Making

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Reporter: Morita | Course: Shoemaking

Summer Course:Adhesive method Balmoral pumps

サマーコース 接着製法パンプス、内羽 2.7.2014

Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_1  Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_2  Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_3

・Students need to be cautious when drawing Balmoral (francesina) lines as if has a big infuence in the finished product. (Picture left)
・When working with a grinder (macchina), students listens to the instructor’s advices. (Picture center)
・Students perform a shoe lasting (montaggio) with 8mm nails for the heel part (chiodini) and 6mm nails for the plantar arch part (fiosso). (Picture right)

・吊り込み(montaggio)は踵部分には8mmの釘(chiodini)踏まず(fiosso)部は6mmの釘で吊り込みを 行います。(右)

Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_4  Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_5  Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_6

・Students adhere a narrow stay tape (nastrino) along the shoe opening. (Picture left)
・Only practices can improve the students’ sewing machine (macchina da cucire) techniques. (Picture center)
・Students always ask the instructor any small questions they may have and clarify the uncertain points before they go on to the next step. (Picture right)

・ミシン(macchina da cucire)がけは練習あるのみです。(中)

Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_7  Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_8  Adhesive method Balmoral pumps20141030_9

・Students perform a shoe lasting (montaggio) as they check the entire lines. (Pictures left, center & right)


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