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Staff Blog≫ Shoemaking: Adhesive method Balmoral pumps 4

サマーコース 接着製法パンプス・内羽 4 15.7.2014

morita_20141124_1  morita_20141124_2  morita_20141124_3

・The leather must be cut exactly as the pattern paper because it will make a big difference in the product finish. (Picture left)
・Students put a toe core on the inner leather (fodera), perform a shoe lasting of the outer leather (tomaia), spread glue, and lastly bend nails down. (Pictures center & right)


morita_20141124_4  morita_20141124_5  morita_20141124_6

・For a shoe with a large shoe opening, it is important to perform a shoe lasting so its line does not get crooked. (Picture left)
・Since the color choice of the leather drastically changes the image of the product, it is very important to imagine the finished product. (Picture center)
・Shoe lasting procedure is the same for all styles of shoes. (Picture right)


morita_20141124_7  morita_20141124_8  morita_20141124_9

・Students confirm with the instructor step-by-step how to proceed with the detailed parts. (Picture left)
・This shoe is finished after coloring around the outsole and adhering the insole. (Picture center)



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