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Florence, sometimes called the ‘museum with no roof’, is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The city of which modern Italy is proud as a center of art had reached one of its pinnacles between the 14th and 16th centuries, when creative energies and techniques of artisans flourished.

The「International Art & Design Competition 2014」takes place in this marvellous environment. The aim of the competition is to contribute to the revitalization and internationalization of the entire Italian Art, Design and Crafts industries, by discovering new artists, fostering their talents, and in the meantime promoting the study abroad in Italy.

THEME 2014

Arts and Cultures of the World: Introduce the Flavor of Your Own Country


Jewelry Making, Jewelry Design, Painting, Illustration, Interior Design


The competition is open to everyone, with no specific age or nationality requirements.
The contest features 2 categories for application submissions

1) People with no work experience in the field; students of the same study area; people who want to study at Accademia Riaci; people who aspire to start up a professional career in the field;
2) Designers/artists who want to refine their skills through a professional course at Accademia Riaci.

  • OCTOBER 15, 2014 Deadline for Online Pre-Registration
  • DECEMBER 15, 2014 Deadline for Entry Submission
  • JANUARY 20, 2015 Final result publication
  • MARCH 10, 2015 Due date for entry delivery at Accademia Riaci
  • APRIL 20~23*, 2015 Exhibition
  • SEPTEMBER 7, 2015~APRIL 23, 2015 Accademia Riaci enrollment for prize winners

* Dates may be subject to change


For the entry submission form, please see the e-mail we sent to you after your registration.

All materials must be accurately collected in a single portfolio, in the following order:

  • 1) A CV/resume in Italian or English, with all necessary personal information, including educational records and job experience.
  • 2) Photos of the enrolled project (from the front, below, above, behind and each corner)
  • 3) A text (Word or PDF) regarding the conceptual explanation of your new project, in Italian or English (max 800 characters), including materials and/or images which have inspired it.
  • 4) Sketches or your previous major works/collections (only for those applying for category 2)
    – Submit photographs of a minimum of 5 items, together with a Word document including the information about each of them (name of the work, date of realization, materials, techniques employed);
    – Number all sketches – printed in color – and label them with your name and surname;
Photos Requirements

File format: limited to JPEG
  Color Mode :RGB
  No. File:max. 5
  Data Capacity :within 10MB
  Image Size:640×480 pixels
  Resolution:at least 150dpi

Please not that for each entry can be submitted up to 5 images (no videos allowed).

・The contestant guarantees the authorship of his/her project, by assuring that he/she made the design himself/herself;
・Each participant can decide freely the techniques, styles and materials to use;
・Each participant can submit only 1 entry, described with 5 photos

Entry size

Two-dimensional works: between A4 size (210×297mm) and A1 size (594×841mm), max. 30mm thickness;
Three-dimensional works: total size must be not more than 150 cm, and weight not more than 5 kg.

  • Together with the entry, please send a written note where you specify your full name and the receipt number you received by mail, after the online entry submission.
  • The submitting party must pay all the shipping costs, including import taxes and customs charges;
  • When shipping the documents, please specify that the items have no commercial value (i.e. the value is zero Euro). Otherwise duties and taxes will be assessed. The competition organizers will not pay any custom tax and in this case the entry will be rejected.
  • Recommended: ship your work(s) using a trackable shipping method, insuring for the value of the contents with delivery confirmation.
  • Accademia Riaci will accept no responsibility for any damage or loss occurred to the works during transportation.。
  • Participants from non-EU countries should take into account that delivery by post may take around 4 weeks.
  • As general rule, the entries will not be returned. In case of necessity, freight collect has to be arranged by the participant.

Shipping address will be informed directly only to the finalists.


The「International Art & Design Competition 2014」jury will composed of leading professionals from the Italian artistic scene, deeply connected with the city of Florence and representative of its identity.

David Bicci
Veronica Roberti
Daniele Bartalesi
Ilaria Papucci
Annalisa di Felice
Andi Nufer
Erica Saladino


The jury will evaluate the projects according to the following criteria:

  • Original material and technique used;
  • Experimentation and project research;
  • Relevance to the theme;
  • Completion and clarity in the presentation of the works submitted;
  • High quality realization details.

Final Screening: the competition jury will evaluate the participants based on their portfolio (photos) and required documents and decide the finalists – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizewinners.
Applicants who passed the selection will be informed via mail by January 20, 2015.
The results will also be published on Accademia Riaci official web page.


The examination results will be announced on Accademia Riaci official web site.
The Jury final selection is incontestable and irrevocable.

Category 1 (beginners, amateur, students) prizes:

First prize: (1 person)
Second prize: (2 persons)
Third Prize: (3 persons)

“1st place”: the candidate with the best project will be able to attend Accademia Riaci “One Year course”- in his/her related field, with TOTAL exemption from the payment of the 2015 tuition fee;
“ 2nd place”: “One Year course” at Accademia Riaci, with 50% PARTIAL exemption from the 2015 tuition fee;
“3rd place”: “One Year course” at Accademia Riaci, with 30% PARTIAL exemption from the 2015 tuition fee;

  • 100% deduction = 15,000 Euro
  • 50% deduction = 7,500 Euro
  • 30% deduction = 4,500 Euro
Category 2 (professionals) prize:

First Prize:  (1 persons)
Second prize: (10 persons)

“1st place”: the candidate with the best project will be able to attend Accademia Riaci “Master course”- in his/her related field, with TOTAL exemption from the payment of 2015 tuition fee;
“ 2nd place”: “Master course” at Accademia Riaci, with PARTIAL exemption (50% reduction) from 2015 tuition fee;

  • 100% deduction = 16,000 Euro
  • 50% deduction = 8,000 Euro

*Round-trip airfare and housing cost in Italy not included.
Cancellation of Awards

Those art works deemed to fall into the following categories will be excluded from the selection process and the awards may be cancelled even after the award has been announced.

  • An art work which infringes the rules set in the guideline.
  • An art work which has already won an award in another competition.
  • An art work suspected of infringing the intellectual property of a third party including plagiarism and imitation.
Exhibition・Official Cerimony

In preparation


a) By enrolling in this contest participants will guarantee the authorship of their projects. Should you be found guilty of plagiarism, you will be automatically disqualified. The organizers hold no responsibility for accusation of plagiarism coming from third parties.
b) The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any contestant at any time if they do not respect the terms of conditions written in this announcement. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft of items or designs that may occur during transport and selections.


Copyrights issues

a) The copyrights and intellectual property for the submitted works belong to the applicant who produced them. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the entries to protect these rigths.
b) The entries that have passed the Preliminary Screening belong to the organizers and will not be returned.
c) The entrant grants to the organizers the right to use the intellectual property of the art work for its PR activities and exhibitions.
d) Personal data and images of the works may be used and printed by the organizer to promote other artistic and cultural events, web promotion, communication and marketing, free of charge.
e) The organizers will treat submissions that contain copyrighted works or likenesses as though the applicant submitting the photo has obtained permission to use the copyrighted works or likenesses from the rights holder.
f) In case of complaint or objection from third parties related to the copyright of the entries, the organizers shall be absolved of all responsibility and liability for legal problems. A dispute will be solved solely by the entrant.
g) Those entering the competition are deemed to have accepted and agreed to abide the Entry Guidelines upon submitting the Entry Application Form.

Consent for Relevant Data

Participants expressly authorize the organizers to treat personal data in accordance with Law 675/96 (‘Privacy Act’) as further amendments D. Lgs. N. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), solely for the purposes of organization and advertising of the competition and all the events and obligations related to it.

There are cases when the winners’ personal data may be disclosed on Accademia Riaci official page, promotional magazines, and public relations magazines.

Any dispute will be treated in Italy and under Italian law.


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Via De’ Conti 4, 50123 Firenze, Italia
TEL: +39-055289831
FAX: +39-055212791

Email :


International Art&Design Competition 2014 Leaflet (2.6MB)

The competition details may be subject to change. Please refer to this page again for up-to-date information.

The entry to the competition is closed.

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