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Emilia Asanza

Nationality: Ecuador
Course: Jewelry Design and Jewelry Making
Program: Jewelry Design Semester+Jewelry Making Semester
Period: Sept.8,2014-Apr.24,2015

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Jewelry Making / Design

She studied jewelry making in Ecuador for 3 years, and came to Italy to study new techniques of Jewelry. She chose Italy because Italy is the cradel of arts and place with great artists. She’d also like to learn more about culture, gastronomy and Italian people.

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Reporter: Emilia Asanza | Course: Jewelry Making / Design

Weekly Report (Reporte Semanal Jan 26-Feb 1)

This week I finished my pendant, I was very satisfacted and started to do one beautiful ring to give to my mother. At my engraving class we continue to engrave little stones and we are still practicing.

Esta semana termine de hacer mi colgante e forma de hoja y empece hacer un anillo con una piedra grande en el centro y pequenias a rededor. En mi clase de engarce contunuamos practicando engastar unas piedras pequenias.









In our art visit we went to see Masaccio’s paintings in capilla Brancacci, his paintings were in a church called Santa Maria del Carmine. They talked about the new testament of Jesus Christ and the banishment of Adan and Eve.

En art visit fuimos a ver pituras de Masaccio en la capilla Brancacci, las obras se encuentran ubicadas en el transepto de la iglesia de Santa María del Carmine. En la capilla observamos ver obras de Masaccio y de Massolino.
El fin de semana fui al vintage market con algunos amigos.





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