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 Natasha Cigarroa
Natasha Cigarroa

Nationality: USA
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Summer Course
Period: 2014/7/7-2014/7/31

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Painting and Drawing Course

She has taken a 1 year of art classes in USA and came to Italy to brush up her skills utilizing her summer holidasy!

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Reporter: Natasha Cigarroa | Course: Painting and Drawing Course

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Saturday Lucia and I walked around the Duomo and ran into a parade. Here I stand with some of the participants dressed in medieval clothing. They were really excited to be a part of the celebratory event.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Sunday evening Kris and I walked along Ponte Vecchio and had dinner nearby. The view was breathtaking and even though the streets were extremely crowded it was definitely worth it.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
My final week in Florence began with finishing the sculpture drawing from the week before. I struggled to understand the contrast in the composition, but with Andi’s helpful techniques I was able to squint and distinguish the dark from the light. After, with a kneaded eraser, I could pull out the highlights in the sketch.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Valentina works on her still life from the week before as well. She pays careful attention to each and every detail focusing on creating a composition that pleases the eye.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Marisa also works on her still life. Andi helps her avoid using lines by teaching her to paint shapes and really distinguish planes.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Tuesday new student Sergae develops his drawing skills by practicing his use of inner and outer contour lines. Andi had him sketch my shoe, and later he sketched the same sculpture I did.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Wednesday’s class was canceled so I came in for independent study and began my self portrait Andi had me do for homework. Mixing my skin tone was probably the most difficult part of the process but I was happy with the results.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Thursday I did some finishing touches on my painting from the week before. I had to change my style of painting by adding much more solvent to my paints because the wooden panel was much more absorbent than normal canvas paper.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Valentina finished her portrait of Marisa. Her use of color in this painting demonstrates a strong grasp of the interpretive color we learned about last week.

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 4
Friday’s visit to the Galleria Accademia was incredible. Michelangelo’s David was truly a site to remember. Andi again was able to describe the historical context behind the beautiful statue.


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