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Nationality: Japan
Course: Shoe Making

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Reporter: Morita | Course: Shoe Making/Design

Goodyear welt stitching, adhesive method 9

グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法9 29.4.2014

グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法  グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法  グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法

・Provisional shoe lasting is done to shape the shoe in the form of shoetree. (Picture left)
・This pair of pumps has a particular shape around the heel. It is important to reflect your idea into the design. (Picture center)
・Norwegian-style stitching is time-consuming because it needs to be done 3 times. (Picture right)


グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法  グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法  グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法

・The Norweigian-style shoe looks like this after 3 times of sewing. (Picture left)
・The student is doing the outsole stitching for the Goodyear welt.
Sewing is done carefully because the spaces between stitches have a significant effect on the shoe finish. (Pictures center)
・The students communicate with the teacher as needed when working on a new model of the shoes. (Picture right)


グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法  グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法  グッドイヤーウエルト製法・接着製法

・A shank is inserted in the back half of the shoe. After this process, cork and leather are glued on. (Picture left)
・The student needs to roughen the sole surface of the adhesive method pumps in order to get a stronger adhesive strength. (Picture center)
・Provisional shoe lasting is done for both sides of the shoes. By letting them stand for about 1 day, the permanent shoe lasting will be easier. (Picture right)


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