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Thacha R.

Nationality: Thai
Course: Bag Making
Program: Master course in Bag Making
Period: 2014.2.24 - 2014.12.12

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Bag Making Course

Miss Thacha, after studying various techniques and a unique style in her country from a trainer who graduated at Accademia Riaci, she decided to go to our school to attend our Master course in Bag Making. “I consider Florence as the heart of leather art where not only big industry and traditional artisanship is flourished, but also a place where I can learn and absorb everything around me, keeping my motivation and creativity high all the time”.
She also attended a semester course in Italian Language at ABC de’ Conti.

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Reporter: Thacha R. | Course: Bag Making Course

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag
1. A stencil of the parts are made out of cardboard before they are cut from a sheet of leather.

Drawstring Bag
2. After making a model from a cardboard then test the bag’s from onto Salpa, a material recycle from leather.

Drawstring Bag
3. Salpa can be sewn by sewing machine.

Drawstring Bag
4. Bag’s body part in progress before be sewn with the bottom part.

Drawstring Bag
5. Bag’s base part in progress. As you can see, Salpa is added onto the base to give it some strength and structure.

Drawstring Bag
6. Studs are fitted on to the bag’s base and after that the base part will be sewn with the body part.

Drawstring Bag
7. Strap parts, it be sewn after.

Drawstring Bag
8. Coloring the edge of leather to make the layer of leather be invisible.

Drawstring Bag
9. The strap part, chains and leather are combined with rivets and it be sewn with the body part after.

Drawstring Bag
10. A zip pocket inside the bag need to be made before it be sewn onto the lining.

Drawstring Bag
11. Back view of the pocket in progress.

Drawstring Bag
12. Front view of the pocket in progress.

Drawstring Bag
13. The bag lining.

Drawstring Bag
14. Sew the lining with the body part and after sew it together then flip it over.

Drawstring Bag
15. After the lining is sewn with the body part, it’s necessary to leave a hole for flipping the body part over and sew to close it after.

Drawstring Bag
16. Sew the hole which be left after flip the body part over.

Drawstring Bag
17. Front view of the bag after sew it with the lining.

Drawstring Bag
18. Pierce the top of the bag to insert a tiny sling through it for closing the bag.

Drawstring Bag
19. The completed bag with the details.

Drawstring Bag
20. The completed bag.

Drawstring Bag
21. My drawstring bag is done.

Drawstring Bag
22. My drawstring bag is done.

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