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Nov. 17, 2012 | Posted in Top Stories, Painting and Drawing | Tags:
Staff Blog≫ Trick Art

Ciao all!  This is Accademia Riaci school staff. We introduced Miniature Painting in our Painting/Drawing course at the end of August<>, and today we would like to talk more about Trick Art.

Have you heard of “Trick Art”?
In Italy, have you ever seen churches or cathedrals have ceilings with angels flying up to the blue sky?
Some restaurants seem to have windows looking outside beautiful flowery landscape.  However, they are actually all paintings.
That kind of paintings can be found in many places in the town, and literally, your eyes are TRICKED!

This humorous method is also popular in other countries nowadays, and it has originally started in Italy.
Well, this technique can be learned in Accademia Riaci!

During course, you can master knowledge and process of painting materials, surface, portrait, figure, or relief.
Interesting?  Come to learn Trick Art at the center of Florence.<>

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