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Staff Blog≫ Learn handmade shoes from our maestros!

Hello, today we would like to show shoe making course, one of our most popular courses from 13 majors at Accademia Riaci.

Needless to say, Italy is famous for its excellent shoes. We adore Italian shoes because of their high quality materials and fascinating techniques of artisans. Their impeccable footwear techniques, in which each pair is customized for individual user, have been taken over generations from maestros to apprentices. Normally, the techniques can be mastered in decades.

How are those handmade shoes are assembled?
Today we would like to explain one of many ways to handcraft leather shoes.
We start from measurement of feet, and templates then patterns are prepared. Leather parts are cut matching to the patterns. Top arch, lining, toe, heel, or several parts are sewn together. Leaving them on the templates for few days so that those leather pieces either stretch or shrink to fit to the template exactly depends on the temperature or humidity. While this process, bottom soles are soaked into water for 12 hours. When they are not completely dry, they get hammered to soften up. Finally, the top and sole parts are assembled, and this requires most proficient technique. The inner sole is laid on the template, and hammered around top part with hundreds of nails. Now, the template is totally wrapped with leather. Then, the inner sole and top parts are sewn together with a thin leather thread, sized just several millimeters, which acts the important role to bind them together. At the same time, those nails are removedone-by-one. Then filling is inserted between the inner sole and bottom sole, and the bottom sole is also stitched on the thin thread. The bottom sole and top part are not directly sewn together; therefore, bottom part is replaceable when it gets worn out. Thus, your precious shoes are durable for long usage.

At Accademia Riaci, such trainings for handmade shoes are available from top-class maestros directly. Since shoe making techniques have so many things to learn, if possible, one-year course is recommended rather than just short course.







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