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Aug. 10, 2012 | Posted in Top Stories, Textile Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Internship | Tags:
Staff Blog≫ What is Design?

Hello, this is Accademia Riaci school staff.
Today we would like to introduce our main professor of our design courses.

He was responsible to design the trendiest apparel shops, such as Ferragamo, theater in Rome, interior of Cinema Adriatico.
He has quite experience and he has been teaching for more than thirty years , as an active architect and product designer.

He talked about our design course at Accademia Riaci.

“If students have time for longer course, I would like to take them to the fabric or material expositions in Italy as much as possible. Unfortunately, unlike in Italy, some Asian or US education system seems to have to cover “general” subjects for long years. So, students before age of 15 or 16, have less chances to exclusively learn special subjects. In Italy, it is not rare case that as of age 28, for example, you could have experience of design for 13 years. Therefore, at the beginning of the course, those students need to concentrate on sketching techniques as basic. Without those skills, even if you try to design using advanced technology with computer, you will have difficulties for sure. Firstly, it is the most important to use your hand to convert idea to tangible forms. Then, observing and analyzing many works will develop your imagination.”

Indeed, nowadays, I thought everybody can instantly start design using computer, however, if you do not have hands-on sketching skills as basic, it does not make a sense.
Foundations cannot be skipped. With his instruction, students can learn many things from design works, exhibitions, trend researches in expos or trade shows for interior, furniture, craft works, or apparels.
There are many opportunities in Italian cities including in Florence.
If you are lucky to visit those exhibitions or trade shows with him, perhaps you could hear more interesting stories about design industry.

Secondly, he talked about essential theme about “what is design?”

“Without functionality, even beautiful product design or interior design cannot be complete.  As you know, as commercial art, there is no design possible without the cost planning. I would like to teach how to improve imagination, create original works, then complete with functionality.”

I know that I have also lot of imagination or fantasy, but professional designer needs to realize them into specific forms within certain budget and deadline.
His story still continues, well, I will write about it other time!

In Accademia Riaci, we cover various design courses: Interior Design, Product Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, and Textile Design.
If you are interested, please let us know.






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