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Accademia Riaci boasts teaching of practical, ready-to-use Italian, customized to your needs and goals. We teach from the very basic of Italian language to advanced courses such as interpretation.

The Standard Italian Course

Accademia Riaci provides students small-class (2~8 students more or less), customized lessons.
The advantage of small-class learning is clear, compared with learning in a classroom of 20 students, where the opportunity to practice Italian is just once every 20 times. Not only the chance to talk in the class, but also the teachers are able to grasp each student's progress.
The method is direct method, with equal emphasis on conversation, grammar, writing and listening.

Italian Language and Culture Course

This intensive course starts with the basic, for entry-level students. We teach practical daily conversation, for living in Italy and having a conversation with local Italian people. Our course adopts the direct method, equally covering conversation, listening, grammar and composition, in order to acquire comprehensive communication skills. Classes are organized in small groups, so the instructor can pay more attention to each student.
The program includes accommodation, weekly art visits and cultural excursions (2 times a month).

*For further details, please inquire e-mail.


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