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She is studying at Accademia Riaci's Atelier Course,after having studied 2 years in Finland and 1 year in Florence,to blush up her skills,with the objective of opening her own jewelry atelier in future.

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Reporter: S.K. | Course: ジュエリーメイキング

How to Making “HOLLOW RING”

Saija Koskialho
1. For the hollow ring I first prepared a square top and a ring.

Saija Koskialho
2. I fused the silver for the outside of the ring, and made it flat in the rolling mill.

Saija Koskialho
3. Measuring the silver piece and deciding the size of my hollow ring.

Saija Koskialho
4. Here I have bended and shaped the outside part of the hollow ring and am now cleaning it with emery paper for soldering the top on it.

Saija Koskialho
5. Here I attached the top of the ring to the outside part with a thin iron wire while soldering them together.

Saija Koskialho
6. Now the op and the downpart of the ring are soldered.

Saija Koskialho
7. The next step was to make a perfectly fitting side piece for the ring.

Saija Koskialho
8. I cutted a hole for the finger and soldered the side piece into the top and the outside part.

Saija Koskialho
9. A close u picture of the soldering seams from inside of the sing.

Saija Koskialho
10. Here I’m preparing to solder the second side piece of the ring; putting borax to protect the metal from oxidation and so helping the solder to run on its place.

Saija Koskialho
11. Here is a close up picture of my soldering pieces.

Saija Koskialho
12. Both sides of the hollow ring are soldered and the inside is cleaned.

Saija Koskialho
13. The next step was to shape the holes for fingers so that the ring that goes inside fits perfectly.

Saija Koskialho
14. Then I attached the ring on sealing wax, and started to mark the borders for decoration.

Saija Koskialho
15. Here is a close up picture about the ornament with rose and leafs halfly engraved on the surface of the ring.

Saija Koskialho
16. After marking the ornament I started to carv out metal from the backround to make the engraving more deeper.




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