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Staff Blog≫ Studying art&design in various languages!

Of all the art schools in Firenze, Accademia Riaci is the only school that enables the students to select the language of our instruction from such a wide variety of languages, including Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese. Students choose the language of instruction according to his or her language ability, course duration, budget and preference.

Today, I would like to introduce to you about the classes of Italian.

Many students wish to learn the Italian language when studying abroad with a long-term stay in Italy and they also wish to take their classes in Italian. Those students arrive in Italy 4 months prior to the start of their academic course to learn the language, at our language school ABC de’ Conti, situated in the same building as Accademia Riaci.

In the first 12 weeks, students will learn basic conversations in Italian. The lessons will start with the pronunciation of the alphabets from ABC so even the beginners will be able to learn from the very basics. The durations for the basic conversation lessons are flexible so for those that already have experience in Italian language, they will be able to study according to their levels.

Then in the last 4 weeks of the language lessons, you will be able to study the professional terminology of specific fields. By learning the professional terms of art and design as well as basic conversation lessons, it will help deepen the understanding in the school courses and help them proceed smoothly. Even if the student already speaks Italian, he/she will find it very useful to learn professional terminology. 

To be able to choose the language in which you study, either in your mother tongue or to learn useful Italian language in the same building is one of the advantages of studying at Accademia Riaci.


Studying art&design in various languages!

Studying art&design in various languages!



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