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Hello, there! This is staff of Accademia Riaci.

After Ferragosto (Italian holidays in the middle of August, including the Assumption Day of the Virgin Mary on August 15th), the hottest period of the summer has passed us, and Accademia Riaci is getting ready for the last term of our Summer Course.

From September 3rd to October 12th, before the start of a new academic year, our intensive summer course available from 1 week is especially popular with those who take late summer vacations. (If you hurry up, you can still enroll!)

Also, we are happy to inform you that our intensive courses, which were available only during summer, are now available also during academic year period from mid-October to early June! You can take twice as many lessons as regular course in the same period. It is ideal for those who want to study art and design, but has only short holidays, or those who want to spend less for living cost without compromising the contents of the lessons.

Of course, regular short courses are also available. Some students come back to Accademia Riaci from time to time to relax and study in Florence on their vacations, too. Either you have experience or not, why don’t you come to Florence to study with Italian maestros, with our short course and intensive short course with interpreter?




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