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Jun. 14, 2024 | Posted in Senza categoria , | Tags:, Reporter: | Course: Interior Design

Furniture Design One-Year Course (#4) – K T Truong

This fourth week in Florence I had plenty interesting activities!
Furniture Design blog I moved to my new project this week on designing a console table. Also this week the teacher gave us a lesson about materials, I had been waiting for it thus the lesson was very useful giving me more knowledge and understanding about some materials I hadn’t known.
Furniture Design blog Follow the recommendation of my interpreter, I visited the restaurant closed to school named Nuvoli and had the famous Italian dish was porchetta. I wasn’t disappointed, it was absolutely delicious to my taste!.
Furniture Design blog Art visit this week, our guidance told us a detail about the famous Duomo that people rarely noticed. There was a part of the Duomo rooftop hadn’t finished till today due to the ideas conflict in the past.
Furniture Design blog We also visited the famous Santa Croce – the main destination of this week’s art visit. Santa Croce was known as the burial place of some of the most notable Italians.
Furniture Design blog There was Friday morning when I didn’t have class I took a journey to Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio and brought home some freshly made pasta, such an easy and nice way to enjoy good pasta at home in Italy.
Furniture Design blog Me and my schoolmate had a night reunion outside school this week. After dinner we headed to Caffe Gilli, this is our first time arrived to this famous coffee shop. I had Tiramisu and it was delicious. We had fun time there, it was such a memorial night.
Furniture Design blog On Saturday I had my trip to Empoli from school for Museo del Vetro. As for my major I really interested in materials so this trip helped me to reinforce my knowledges about glass and by that I also got to know about the glass history of Tuscany.
Furniture Design blog Finished discovering the museum, I decided to wander around Empoli center. At the square I saw local peoples were having some activies simulating the Mediaeval.
Furniture Design blog Didn’t let the Sunday be free, me and my friends went to Arezzo for the well-known vintage market. To be honest I didn’t expect the market to be this huge, we spent hours going around and all found something we were interested in. We even wanted to come back next month!
Furniture Design blog For lunch we came to Antica Osteria I’Agania and tried the wonderful pasta – Tartufo Fresco. The flavour couldn’t be complained but a bit heavy for us since the portion was pretty big.



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