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Jun. 19, 2023 | Posted in Senza categoria , | Tags:, Reporter: | Course: Interior Design

Architectural Design One-Year Course (#5) – Edwin M.

This week started off walking around Florence, we got lost on purpose and found a nice square that had gelato, a cinema, and a really cool art store that we can go to for supplies. The rest of the week was pretty chill, we went on our art visit, Ognissanti Church, during a thunderstorm which was kind of fun. After the art visit we explored this huge book store and I went record shopping, I didn’t buy anything, but I almost did. Additionally on Thursday night, my friend from school came back to Florence after his trip from Rome and brought more of his friends. We went to Lion’s Fountain again and got some gelato. On Friday we went to the Boboli Garden and it was so hot and beautiful until a couple hours later, it poured. Then finally on sunday Daniella and I went to Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery.
Architectural Design blogWhere we ended up while purposely getting lost
Architectural Design blogPasted by this cool mural that turned out to be an art school.
Architectural Design blogDinner I made
Architectural Design blogArt Visit
Architectural Design blogRecord shopping
Architectural Design blogMy friend, his girlfriend and me at Lions Fountain
Architectural Design blogBoboli Garden
Architectural Design blogBoboli Garden
Architectural Design blogThe “Birth of Venus” at Uffizi Gallery
Architectural Design blogStatue of David at Accademia Gallery


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