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Jun. 08, 2023 | Posted in Senza categoria , | Tags:, Reporter: | Course: Interior Design

Architectural Design One-Year Course (#4) – Edwin M.

For this week, we went around Florence and finally found a couple parks where we can go and relax and get inspiration from the natural world.
For our Villa project I got a lot done: Finalizing the materials and site plan. We had our weekly art visit, Daniella and I went to dinner after, and it was so good.
Then we had our 1st art stage on Saturday, where we went to Piazza della Signoria and drew a building in the area or a statue. I did a statue. Then after we went to the Pitti Palace. Surprisingly our classmate from school back in the US was also at the Palace so after they came to hang out with us. They were traveling Europe and one of their stops was Florence so we hung out with them during the weekend. That same day we went to Move On which is a restaurant and record store for dinner, and is located at the Duomo and we had a great view, Lion’s Fountain which is a bar and it is currently my favorite place. Then on Sunday, we went to their Airbnb and made fresh pasta.
Architectural Design blogA park we stumbled upon
Architectural Design blogWhile walking around we saw painters on the street making murals
Architectural Design blogDinner I made
Architectural Design blogArt Visit
Architectural Design blogDinner after the art visit
Architectural Design blogArt Stage
Architectural Design blogPitti Palace
Architectural Design blogDinner at Move On
Architectural Design blogMaking fresh pasta
Architectural Design blogFinal Result of making fresh pasta


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