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Jewerly Making vol.3 (One Year Course – dunja)

Week was super exciting and getting tougher. We started new lessons of stone setting and hand engraving. I finished the making of the rings and started adding the finish design to the earrings.
Jewerly Making blogThis is signet ring in the making. As you can see it consists of 5 different parts, 2 are already soldered. It looks easy to put all this together but it takes a lot of precise work and time, a lot of filing and sanding.
Jewerly Making blogHere is prepared metal sheet on wax and stick ready for stone setting exercise. On this sheet we drill holes and engrave lines and that is how we prepare the piece for setting stones.
Jewerly Making blogI used blueprint when I was making earrings. They are hand constructed and Florentine style. This is the blue print.
Jewerly Making blogEarrings before engraving. As you can see they are not flat because I added some volume.
Jewerly Making blogThese are essentials for engraving. In the picture you can see wax and alcohol flame.
Jewerly Making blogNext step is to heat the wax with gentle flame so that the wax gets little softer. Then you can put the metal into it and that way seal it for engraving. In order to engrave you need a strong handle.
Jewerly Making blogJewellery in wax ready to be engraved and engraving knifes in the back.
Jewerly Making blogThe teacher Marco demonstrates how to engrave. He is so patient and optimistic, you will love him!
Jewerly Making blogSignet ring almost done, but not yet. Some more filing and soldering and then it’s finished.
Jewerly Making blogI like exploring the city. This was in Oltrarno area, a facade of the house where Galileo once lived. How amazing is that!?
Jewerly Making blogI visited a big vintage festival that was taking place in Florence. There was so much nice clothes and accessories. Here you can see cool vintage hats.



Jewerly Making vol.3 (One Year Course – dunja)

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