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Jewelry Design vol.21 (Master Course – Ting Ya Lin)

This week by appreciating the brand’s designs and trying out bracelets.
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blogChoose my favorite style from the magazine’s jewelry creations and draw it freehand.
Jewelry Design blogCreate a sketch of the bracelet and choose the style I want to design.
Jewelry Design blogComplete the bracelet coloring book and design three different compositions.
Jewelry Design blogWith moonstone as the main stone of the design, designed an asymmetrical necklace.
Jewelry Design blogThe cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Florence . In 1982, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore was inscribed as a World Heritage Site as part of the Florence Historic Center.
The interior space of the dome is very large, and the round window at the top brings light into the cathedral, just like the Pantheon in Rome.
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blogClimb to the top floor to see the view.
Jewelry Design blogMarble wall columns on the outer wall of the top floor.
The Basilica of San Lorenzo is a large church in Florence , Italy , located in the central business district of the city and is the burial place of the Medici family . It is one of the oldest churches in Florence.
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blog



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