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Fashion Design vol.8 (One-Year Course – Nina)

I had no class today and returned from my trip to Amsterdam.
Fall break was lovely, but I am so happy to be back and to see my friends again.
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Today I completed my final planning for my collection. I did rough Sketches for the looks that I have planned. I am excited for my collection. At the same time I see that I still need a lot of help from my teachers as I still have so much to learn.
Fashion Design blog
Fashion Design blog
Fashion Design blog
Fashion Design blog
Today I started doing the final looks. I am drawing the figures in a sketchy way as we have discovered that this works well with my style. I am doing 4 basic looks for my first collection.
Our second lesson today was painting and drawing. I absolutely loved this class. I love doing as much art as possible. The teacher is amazing and makes class fun even though I am not a grea t painter. Excited for next week.

Today I added colour to the sketches and decided on my portfolio layout.
It is exciting to see how everything is coming together nicely. I will work on some final details this weekend so that I can scan in the drawings and work further on Photoshop.
Today is also Halloween. I came to school in a bright red ski suit from the 80’s. It was so much fun.
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At Accademia Riaci, we are recruiting Course Reporters from our students. The students who are chosen to become Course Reporters are given 10 % of the tuition as their scholarship fee.
The Reporters who have submitted excellent reports will have his or her profile posted on our school website for the next 5 years as an alumnae and will be able to connect with their business chancesafter their graduation.

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