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Fashion Design vol.2 (Semester Course – Nina)

I spent my weekend in Cinque Terre! it was beautiful. I went on marvelous hikes and ate too much ice cream. On my way back to Florence I stopped in Pisa to take a picture of the leaning tower.
Monday in class I continued practicing the basic fashion figure. It takes a lot of practice to get used to the “fashion style” of drawing. I am excited to move on to new work but, I understand that it is important to perfect the fundamentals first.

Fashion Design blog
My weekend trip to Pisa !

Today I did research about potential ideas for mood boards and looks that I want to create. I organized my fashion board in my Pinterest app and created 3 potential idea boards.
After I had a clear idea I selected a few of my favorite images and printed these out as inspiration. I started personalizing my basic fashion figure. In the afternoon me and my classmates went to the art supply shop to purchase materials.

Fashion Design blog
A visit to the art shop to buy our art necessities.

Fashion Design blog
Our favourite lunch spot! All’ antico Vinaio. 5 Euro sandwiches !!!

Fashion Design blog
Enjoying our Sandwiches next to the Arno !

Today I spent most of my morning home doing practice sketches and learning Italian. I also did preparation for the basic lesson. In today’s basic lesson we learned about Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. I love art history. It enriches your knowledge about art and gives you better fundamentals when you start working on your own art works.

Practice makes perfect and therefor I did more basic figures. After I was happy with my basic figure I designed 2 outfits and practiced to draw them in pencil and in markers. I am going to buy a few colored markers to add a bit more dimension to my next sketches ! I am excited for tomorrows art visit and to explore the Florence Jazz festival this weekend with my friends !

Fashion Design blog
My first Drawing of the basic figure with an outfit ! Inspired by European winters.

Fashion Design blog
Practicing With different pens and markers to get different styles. Two outfits for the winter.

Today we went on an art visit to chiesa di Santa Trinita.
It was a lovely experience. I loved the frescos and going down the small steps to underneath the altar..

Fashion Design blog
Artistic photograph at Santa Trinita, our Friday art visit !

Fashion Design blog
Art Visit to Santa Trinita Students with our teacher !



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The Reporters who have submitted excellent reports will have his or her profile posted on our school website for the next 5 years as an alumnae and will be able to connect with their business chancesafter their graduation.

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