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Jul. 06, 2023 | Posted in Senza categoria , | Tags:, Reporter: | Course: Interior Design

Architectural Design One-Year Course (#9) – Daniella Ruiz

Week 9 Summary – This week started off with a visit from family in Cinque Terre! Throughout the week, I went to my architectural and medieval art history classes, had an art visit, and visited the Pitti Palace for this month’s art stage!
Architectural Design blogPic1.
Sunday, June 25 | At 7 am we headed to the Santa Maria Novella Train Station. After an almost three-hour ride, we finally made it to Cinque Terre to meet up with my brother, Billy, and sister-in-law, Laura. We spent the whole day exploring Monterosso! We went swimming at the beach, took a hike, and ate great food!
Architectural Design blogPic2.
Sunday, June 25 | Once we finally made it back to Florence, we were a bit hungry, so we decided to get dinner at Trattoria Za Za! The food and atmosphere of the restaurant was amazing!
Architectural Design blogPic3.
Monday, June 26 | In my architectural class, I started preparing my construction document set in Revit.
Architectural Design blogPic4.
Monday, June 26 | After class, I gave my brother a tour of Florence. After visiting some stores, we headed back to the apartment. For dinner, Edwin made pasta salad! It was so refreshing!
Architectural Design blogPic5.
Tuesday, June 27 | We woke up at 7 am to climb Giotto’s Bell Tower. The climb reminded me of Pisa! The views from the top were so cool! We got to see the façade up close! And we even got to see other people who climbed the Duomo from the Bell Tower!
Architectural Design blogPic6.
Tuesday, June 27 | After climbing the Bell Tower, we went to the Duomo Museum! We got to see the original sculptures that we learned about in class last week!
Architectural Design blogPic7.
Wednesday, June 28 | For dinner, we had meatball subs with potatoes!
Architectural Design blogPic8.
Thursday, June 29 | For our art visit this week, the theme was Dante’s Tour. During this tour, I got to rub the nose of the Porcellio for good luck!
Architectural Design blogPic9.
Friday, June 30 | Today I stayed in and relaxed!
Architectural Design blogPic10.
Saturday, July 1| Today was my reset day! I cleaned my space, read for a bit, went for a walk, and ate some gelato!


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