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Oct. 23, 2023 | Posted in Senza categoria , | Tags:, Reporter: | Course: Interior Design

Architectural Design One-Year Course (#17) – Daniella Ruiz

Week 5 Summary – An eventful week spent with friends!
Architectural Design blogPic1.
Monday, October 2 | In class today, I worked on the details of my skate shop! The next step is to improve my drawer design!
Architectural Design blogPic2.
Monday, October 2 | For sunset, I went to the View on Art rooftop with a few friends!
Architectural Design blogPic3.
Monday, October 2 | For dinner, we went to Locanda Florentina to celebrate Romy’s birthday!
Architectural Design blogPic4.
Tuesday, October 3 | Almost done with my rose drawing with bic pen!
Architectural Design blogPic5.
Wednesday, October 4 | I refined my drawers and started to render!
Architectural Design blogPic6.
Wednesday, October 4 | After class, I went to Area 51 Climbing Center with a friend from school! This was my first-time rock climbing without a harness!
Architectural Design blogPic7.
Thursday, October 5 | I started adding people and more assets to make my store come to life!
Architectural Design blogPic8.
Thursday, October 5 | I had dinner with friends from Accademia Riaci! Great company and great food!
Architectural Design blogPic9.
Friday, October 6 | For the art visit this week, the theme was Medieval Tower Houses in Florence.
Architectural Design blogPic10.
Friday, October 6 | After the art visit, we had dinner at Menchetti!


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