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Information Center

The academy has a Student Information Office and an International Information Center, available to guide and assist students with any concerns. Students will be assisted with course selection, questions regarding life in Florence, where and how to shop for necessary items, transportation, residencial permit, insurance, visa, banking, tuition payment procedures, housing, language problems, school events, academic policies and regulations, educational planning and any related concerns. Counseling and Advice are always available upon request – be sure to make an appointment.

Italy Japan
Student Information Office
Accademia Riaci
Via De’ Conti 4, 50123 Firenze, Italia
TEL: +39-055289831 
FAX: +39-055212791
Accademia Riaci Tokyo Office
5-15-20-702, Minami-Azabu, 
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047 Japan
TEL: +81-3-5449-1441 / +81-3-5449-8200
FAX: +81-3-5449-1444


  • Wireless internet connection is availavle 24/7.
  • Computer for students can be used for free during school hour.

International Student

Accademia Riaci welcomes students from all over the world. The diverse background of Accademia Riaci’s students creates a rich multicultural community that promotes the exchange of ideas and viewpoints. The staff is multilingual and ready to assist overseas students wherever they attend our programs.

Visto per gli studenti

Per studiare in Italia per periodi più lunghi di 3-6 mesi è richiesto un visto dalla maggior parte dei paesi. Gli studenti possono avere informazioni riguardo alla procedura per il visto dal più vicino Consolato Italiano. Sebbene la procedura per il visto cambi di paese in paese, Vi preghiamo di considerare che sono necessari 30-60 giorni per avere un visto per studenti. Accademia Riaci fornirà agli studenti un “Certificato di iscrizione” che dovrebbe essere considerato dal Consolato locale come un visto per studenti.

Nota: un certificato di iscrizione non può essere rilasciato da Accademia Riaci prima di aver ricevuto il pagamento della quota di iscrizione.

Dopo I’arrivo in Italia
Quando arrivano in Italia gli studenti devono prendere un appuntamento all’Ufficio Informazioni per fissare un incontro personale con lo staff della scuola.
Assicurazione per malattie ed incidenti

Nel caso uno studente straniero non abbia nessuna assicurazione medica internazionale è obbligatorio secondo la legge italiana avere un’assicurazione per le malattie e gli incidenti.


Accademia Riaci has several “Student Flats” (shared apartments) reserved for the academy’s students. Flats come with one or several rooms per apartment, and one room may be shared by students of the same sex, or reserve for a single student.


They are located in either a walkable distance or within a 10 – 15 min. bus ride away from the school campus, and may come with or without a host family. The definite location of the flat will be communicated to each student upon enrollment, by a week prior to the course commencement date.


Bathrooms and kitchens will be shared with your flat mates. Basic cutlery, pots, pans will be available for student use.


Students are allowed to stay at the Student Flats up to 3 months. If their course exceeds this period (Basic, One-year, Semester, and Master Courses), the school will assist students to find a local apartment according to their likings and budget, while they stay at the Student Flats.

Shared Room Single Room
4 weeks: 500 Euro
8 weeks: 1000 Euro
4 weeks: 700 Euro
8 weeks: 1400 Euro

*Utilities fees (incl. gas/water/electricity)
 April – Sept: €16/week
 Oct – March: €26/week

To request accommodation, please fill in the Accommodation Request Form (PDF) and mail or fax it to ACCADEMIA RIACI.

Assistant System at Accademia Riaci

Accademia Riaci is seeking for assistants who can work with us for a several years.
・Qualifications: Must be a graduate of Accademia Riaci course of 2 years or longer (incl. internship) to apply. Such graduates who achieved excellence at school are eligible to help instructors carry out lessons as an assistant. Its aim is to help such graduates review what they have learned at school and brush up their knowledge and techniques, before they go out into the world as a professional artist.
・This opportunity is offered to graduates who desire to improve their techniques furthermore through assisting lessons at school.

Main task:
  • Preparations for lessons
  • Lesson assistant
  • Cleaning up after the class
  • Interpreting in the class when needed
  • Assistant at school office
  • Submission of a lesson report with photos every week
  • Interviewing craftsmen in special fields
  • Visiting and interviewing companies in special fields
  • Helping internship students
  • Tutor for students
  • Drawing designs, etc.
  • Making sample parts, etc.
  • Supporting the work of students who wish to acquire scholarship
  • Assisting the launch of our project (construction of the 000 network among the undergraduates and the graduates to support the sales of their artwork.)

・Assistants at an excellent level are given an opportunity to work at Accademia Riaci as an instructor for a long period of time.
・Each assistant obtains a student visa as a specialist course student at Accademia Riaci. All lesson fee will be exempted. Your lessons consist of the research work for your assignment and the practical training you acquire by assisting the instructor in the class.
・1st year assistant does not get paid.
・2nd year and longer assistant gets paid the assistant fee based on the working hours in the contract.

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