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Reporter: Yi-Chen Chou | Course: Shoemaking
Greetings from Shoe Making Course 1

1.Hello everyone, this is your course reporter from shoe making class. After a long relaxing summer break, I am pleased to announce that we're all back to school for another fantastic year! 大家好,我是製… [Read more]

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Reporter: Natasha Cigarroa | Course: Painting and Drawing
Painting and Drawing

Depicted below is the first technique we learned in class. As a part of the art process one must begin creating a base for their painting, constantly manipulating their structure as it becomes cle… [Read more]

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Reporter: Thacha R. | Course: Bag Making & Leather Arts
Drawstring Bag

1. A stencil of the parts are made out of cardboard before they are cut from a sheet of leather. 2. After making a model from a cardboard then test the bag's from onto Salpa, a material recycle… [Read more]

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Reporter: Morita | Course: Shoemaking

パンプス底付け、ヒール付け Today, I explain how to attach the sole and the heel of the Chanel-type shoe. In order to apply easily the sole leather, it is important to smooth down the toe box, as well as internal/… [Read more]

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Reporter: Jude Zaccheus | Course: Leather Art
Black Snake

1. Measurements are made and the pieces needed are cut from a sheet of leather. Snake skin is thin therefore it is first stitched onto a piece of leather before being used. Salpa, a material recycl… [Read more]