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Staff Blog≫ Jewelry Design Master Course Industrial Corporate research

(The characteristic of Accademia Riaci’s Master course is that it includes in its second semester a “corporate research”, in which the student realizes a collaboration project together with Italian company/designer and the professor, in addition to high level study and training. During the first semester, the student will find their research theme, at the same time they study the subject of major, and in the second semester, the student will be placed to an appropriate company or studio.

We would like to share with you the Corporate research project of one of our current students.)

Jewelry Design Master Course Industrial Corporate research
Theme: Jewelries with movement, locket (with lid) or others, large Jewelries
Color Theme: Red, White and Black
Theme object: White shrimp, sea, tulip
Size: large
Jewelry object: Tie pin, hat pin, pendant, necklace, pendant, bangle,bracelet, broach, rings, cuff links
Project: Make a collection of a series of jewelry
Original jewelry for a resort hotel. It is a private luxury hotel in an Eastern resort area. The hotel have a great panoramic view as it protrudes to the ocean. There are 4 rooms with rate of 1,000 Euro – 1,500 Euro or more per night.

The main target is very wealthy people. There is a small boutique inside the hotel, and the jewelries will be sold there.

The photos are the first draft prepared by the student, and she is going to discuss and modify them through consulting with the company.

We are looking forward to seeing her completed works.