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Sep. 13, 2013 | Posted in Blog, Fashion Business, Leather Working, Fashion Design, Living in Florence, Others | Tags:
Staff Blog≫ Autumn food and autumn events

Buongiorno a tutti! The summer hot days are over and the autumn vibe is in the air already.

When I think about autumn in Florence… I remember the taste of “Schiacciata con uva” (Florentine grape bread). Schiacciata is the Tuscan word for what most English-speakers might recognize as ‘focaccia’, a flatbread. The Florentine version is sweet and soft, made with two layers of dough and plenty of red grapes dotted in the middle and on top, characteristic of this season. It’s a unique local backed delicacy!

I want also to introduce an important event that takes place every year in September. Have you ever heard about MIPEL? It’s the world largest international trade fair of leather products. The word is composed by “MI” – the initial of Milan, where the event is held – and by “PEL”, the abbreviation of “pelle”, that means leather in Italian.

Leather-related manufacturers from all over the world gather in Milan for this international event. It’s a unique chance for all those who are studying or working in the field, as well as for people interested in leather accessories. Check it out (official video)!

If you come to Italy this month, don’t miss the chance to experience local seasonal food and visit international events!