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Ciao a tutti!

Do you like coffee? From the moment you arrive in Italy, you will realize that “bars” represent an essential part of Italian people’s everyday life.
Italians may visit their local bar several times in the morning for quick coffee shots, and again in the early evening for a cocktail before dinner. It’s truly the center of social life.
Espresso, the symbol of Italian coffee in the world, has a full-bodied and thick flavor. It’s a highly concentrated beverage served in a tiny cup, and consumed with 3-4 sips after adding a generous quantity of sugar.
Enjoying the lingering finish is the typical way Italians like to experience coffee.

The “barista” is a person who is specially trained in the making and serving of coffee drinks, in a coffee bar. When Italians go to the Bar (Café) they order coffee in many different ways, according to their personal taste. A full-fledged barista has to be able to meet each customer’s specific need.

Even in Melbourne, Australia, nowadays there are many bars and cafés that became popular for their delicious coffee. But actually it seems that Italian immigrants brought this coffee culture in Australia.

Now it’s finally possible to attend the Barista course in Florence!
You can choose between one or two weeks-course and study in a coffee professional school run by a coffee specialty company.

During the first week you will learn the foundation of Barista profession, including the history of coffee, beans processing and roasting, general plants knowledge, as well as machines management and methods to recognize the origin of coffee, through their taste and odor.
Furthermore, you will learn Latte Art.

During the second week participants are introduced to the applied knowledge: elaborated forms of Latte Art, coffee-based cocktails, etc.

This is a unique chance to learn intensively and effectively how to prepare the authentic Italian-style coffee!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Study with us to become an Italian Barista