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Nationality: Colombia
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Master Course
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 - Apr. 27, 2018

I´m artist David Dominguez, I have a bachelor degree in Arts but most of my formation has been developed by myself doing mostly painting in acrylic and oil. I´m studying now the Painting and Drawing master course at Riaci and I´m experimenting a lot with different materials to mix contemporary techniques and traditional Italian methods and themes.

僕の名前はDavid Dominguez、アーティストです。美術の学士号を持っていますが、多くはアクリル画や油絵を描いて行く中、独学で学びました。今はアカデミアリアチで絵画のマスターコースで学んでいます。現代の技術と伝統的なイタリアの方式と主題をミックスしたり、様々な素材を使い実験しています。

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Reporter: David DOMINGUEZ | Course: Painting and Drawing

Painting-Drawing 6-Master Course 2017 (Student2)

This week I´ve been working hard to give sense to the general structure of my big format acrylic painting, in terms of shapes and colors. I´m looking for it to be powerful and explosive but also sensual and dynamic, as I´m using the Rape of the Sabine sculpture as basis. Is going well, but it still needs the modern touch of a more free gesture with pencils and movement, I´m taking works from the European Belle Epoque era, to be inspired. Modern expression is equal to synthetic elements of elemental importance. Movement and visual strength can be projected through simple visual components, I´m looking for that. Is a lot of work to work this on big formats, I´m full time working on this to get the best results because I love Art.

The female figure inspires me to reach a exquisite nature of the being in relationship with an ethereal atmosphere, usually females express physically better their emotions than men, that´s good for Art. I´m also doing some sketches for another painting with a more modern identity and with more flow and movement, studying every part of human figure and its possibilities of elongation in space, just like Mannerism did IN 1500´s (“Maniera” in italian = style).

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