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Danielle LEGER

Nationality: Canada
Course: Bag Making
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 - Apr. 27, 2018

A small town girl from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Danielle Leger has always had big dreams. After graduating in Montreal at LaSalle College in Fashion Marketing, Danielle was ready for the next step to pursue her career dreams as a businesswoman and designer. With the intention of one day starting her own bag and accessories company, Danielle’s next step was to come to a place that is World renowned for its high quality craftsmanship and fashion sense. She found everything she was looking for at Accademia Riaci in Florence, Italy, enrolling in a one year program in Bag Making & Design. Danielle loves challenging herself in the creative arts and bag making, and is tremendously happy to be at this school to do so.

カナダのニューブランズウィック州フレデリクトン出身の小さな街の女の子、Danielle Legerには大きな夢がありました。モントリオールにあるラサール・カレッジでファッション・マーケティングを学んだ後、Danielleは彼女のビジネスウーマンとデザイナーとしてのキャリアと夢に向かって次のステップに進みます。いつの日か自分のバッグ・アクセサリー会社をスタートさせるため、Danielleの次のステップはその質の高い職人魂とファッションセンスで世界的に有名な場所に来る事でした。彼女はイタリア、フィレンツェのアカデミアリアチのカバン制作・デザインワンイヤーコースに求めていたもの全てを見つけました。Danielleは制作活動やバッグ制作で自身を試すことが好きなので、この学校でそれができる事が本当にハッピーです。

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Reporter: Danielle LEGER | Course: Bag Making/Design

Bag Making 3-One Year Course 2017


Today I continued working on my backpack. I am almost done! I resewed parts that had not been done well, and glued small pieces together, such as the D-ring and buckles for the straps. Here are some photos of my teacher, Julianna, helping another classmate and myself!




Today was research day! I did research for my brand’s’ target market and style. I also did research for inspiration. I started a PowerPoint presentation to help gather my thoughts together and showcase the inspiration I found, as well as my brand’s target market, style, mission statement, mantra, and unique selling points. For lunch, I treated myself to some wonderful pasta with truffles!




Today I continued working on my backpack. I added a pocket to the lining, and then stitched that piece onto the leather. For final touches, I also glued some smaller pieces of lining onto the leather. I had art class today as well! We went through art photos and took turns selecting the similarities of Renaissance qualities depicted in them, such as geometric shapes, mirrored/identical sides in a room, arch ways, and white and beige colours. During lunch, a lovely dog came to say hello and look at my pasta. I love dogs and pasta, so this made me very happy to get a picture of both in one shot!




Today I did bag making all day! I made incredible progress on my backpack! I am nearly done my bag, so now all of the last steps feel like the cherries on top! Some of the finishing touches include removing leftover glue from the bag, as shown in the picture here. I added details such as the other side of the magnet, as well as played with the length and style of the shoulder straps to see how they should be put together! I am using satin and leather for materials, and enjoyed playing around to combine the two in a beautiful way. I found this part very fun as I got to play around, and through trial and error, see what works and what looks good. Here is a beautiful photo of Florence as the sun was setting on the Cathedral and the Duomo as seen when I was on my way home!




Today I had independent study for bag design and bag making. I made more progress on my brand identity and the backpack that I have been working on! I also had a wonderful art visit, which included walking around in Florence, specifically across the Ponte Vecchio. My teacher showed us the outside of a silk weaving manufacturer that belongs to the World renowned designer, Stefano Ricci. This was a beautiful way to end the walk!



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