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Danielle LEGER

Nationality: Canada
Course: Bag Making
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 - Apr. 27, 2018

A small town girl from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Danielle Leger has always had big dreams. After graduating in Montreal at LaSalle College in Fashion Marketing, Danielle was ready for the next step to pursue her career dreams as a businesswoman and designer. With the intention of one day starting her own bag and accessories company, Danielle’s next step was to come to a place that is World renowned for its high quality craftsmanship and fashion sense. She found everything she was looking for at Accademia Riaci in Florence, Italy, enrolling in a one year program in Bag Making & Design. Danielle loves challenging herself in the creative arts and bag making, and is tremendously happy to be at this school to do so.

カナダのニューブランズウィック州フレデリクトン出身の小さな街の女の子、Danielle Legerには大きな夢がありました。モントリオールにあるラサール・カレッジでファッション・マーケティングを学んだ後、Danielleは彼女のビジネスウーマンとデザイナーとしてのキャリアと夢に向かって次のステップに進みます。いつの日か自分のバッグ・アクセサリー会社をスタートさせるため、Danielleの次のステップはその質の高い職人魂とファッションセンスで世界的に有名な場所に来る事でした。彼女はイタリア、フィレンツェのアカデミアリアチのカバン制作・デザインワンイヤーコースに求めていたもの全てを見つけました。Danielleは制作活動やバッグ制作で自身を試すことが好きなので、この学校でそれができる事が本当にハッピーです。

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Reporter: Danielle LEGER | Course: Bag Making/Design

Bag Making 1-One Year Course 2017


Today I practiced stitching on the sewing machine for the first time in years. I have only stitched once before in my life, so I needed to practice and get comfortable with the machine. Here is a photo of an orange piece of leather, demonstrating my stitching going back and forth for practice.

Then, I started working on a classic “beauty bag”. I practiced cutting with the knife for the first time to add on pieces to my beauty bag, such as several stars, hearts, and the ancient symbol of the fleur de lis, which is the crest of the city of Florence, Italy. The photo below shows me using the knife on pale pink leather to cut the fleur de lis.

For lunch, two classmates and I grabbed pizza down the street. It was delicious, and our bellies were quite full in this photo below. The group of us are quite the diverse team; the girl on the left, Diana, is from Brazil; the girl on the right, Ola, is from Ukraine; and I, myself, am from Canada. We had great conversation and connected very well, and were able to tell stories of the different places we come from, which made the lunch fun and captivating.

On the first day after school, my classmates and I took a trip to Alpel, a leather goods store in Florence, to buy leather for our bags. There were many leathers to choose from, and we spent a couple of hours in the store before finally picking one each.







On Tuesday, I glued and sewed the hearts, stars, and fleur de lis that I had cut the day before, onto my beauty bag. I also sewed the beige zipper onto the bag. Here below is a photo of the process. It took a lot of time for me to cut each shape, as I am an amateur cutter!

My lovely teacher, Julianna, had to use this machine to press down the edges of the leather to make it thinner, so that it would be easier to sew the edges together in the end.





Today was my first class of Bag Design. I have been creating flat drawings of bags for the past 4 years – so today I finally learned how to draw bags in 3D. I designed 4 bags in detail including the backpack that I will create in the Bag Making class for my next project after the beauty bag is finished. I also looked through magazines and researched bag details to further improve my eye for design.

Later that day, in Bag Making class for independent study, I finished glueing and sewing shapes onto my beauty bag. I then finished the bag with final touches such as hammering the sides of the bag into place to create more of a structured look.

That day, I also met a new friend, named Ganja. This cute dog is owned by the assistant/translator, who brought his dog into class that day. I was lucky to have this dog at my feet while I was sewing for hours!

今日はバッグデザインの授業初日でした。これまでは4年間に渡って平面のバッグ デザインをしていたので、今日は初めて立体のバックデザインを学びます。バッグ制作コースで化粧ポーチが終わったあとに作りたいリュックを含め、4つのバッグを細かくデザインしました。さらに、私のデザイナーとしての目を養うため、雑誌を見ながらバッグのディティールについてリサーチをしました。





Today I started my first bag of the collection that I will be working on this semester. I am creating a backpack with pastel blue calf leather. I made measurements for the desired size of my backpack, and made paper shapes for the outline of the bag. Using the paper shapes, I then cut the blue leather and zipper. I then painted the interior of the zipper part a light blue, coated twice for a more finished look.

As an amateur seamstress, I was very happy with my finished sewing job putting the zipper and leather together.

After school, I went to Valli Tessuti to buy some more fabric for the backpack that I am creating. Here is a photo of a beautiful orange satin that I bought for details on my backpack.

Somehow, I managed to wear the perfect outfit today, as my dress matched the Valli Tessuti shopping bag that I received after my purchase! I was delighted about this and had to take a photo.

Later that evening, my roommate, Pooja, and I, went into the center to see the Lantern Festival in Florence. It was phenomenal to see this, as it is an ancient tradition that happens every year, and has been taking place for centuries.


学校の後は作っているリュックのための生地をValli Tessutiに買いに行きました。写真はリュックのために買ったオレンジのサテン生地です。
そしてどういうわけか、今日はパーフェクトな格好をしていたみたいです。買い物の後に貰ったValli Tessutiのショッピングバッグと私の服がピッタリ! 嬉しくて写真を撮らずにはいられませんでした。









Today, I had Independent Study in the morning and afternoon, and I worked by myself on Bag Design and Making. It was a lovely time to continue practicing details, and research more ideas.

In the afternoon, I went with some classmates for the weekly Art Visit. Today, our Art Visit included a tour through the Camminata Medicea. It was a beautiful day for a walk through the city.

Later that afternoon, my classmate Yuki, and I, went to Fiorini D’Oro for lunch. This is a photo of our wonderful dessert, and of course, I had to get an espresso. Having an espresso after lunch is a classic Italian thing to do, and an absolute must for anyone who loves coffee!

午後はクラスメイト数人と週一回のアートヴィジットに行きました。その中にはCamminata Mediceaを通るツアーも含まれていました。街を歩くにはとても良い日でした。
その後、私とクラスメイトのYukiはFiorini D’oroにランチに行きました。これは私達が頼んだ素晴らしいデザートの写真で、もちろんエスプレッソも飲みました。ランチの後にエスプレッソを飲むのはまさにイタリア的です。コーヒーが好きな人は絶対にやらなくちゃ!




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