Free Online Skype Counseling


We provide Free Online Skype Counseling.
When the counselor status is ONLINE (green), you can directly contact him/her.
To make a Skype appointment, please fill out the the form below or send en email to

(Italian / English / Spanish)

(Japanese / English / Italian / Spanish)

For Skype beginner

▼  Why Skype?

1. Seeing each other makes you feel confortable and you could clear things you concern more easily. English, Italian, and Japanese are available.
2. It’s totally free! Any telephone charges will not happen.
3. You can use it when you go to Italy or wherever, whenever it is to contact your family and friends while you are gone.
4. You can put an URL or something on a chat and quickly send it to another.

▼  Good Internet condition is required. / Email us if you can’t.

・Connected Computer or smartphone.
・Skype downloaded and your account. (Go to to create your account.)
・Microphone and headphone if needed.
・Web camera. (Not necessary)

▼  Before starting Skype counseling

1. Make sure you have a microphone with your computer.
(Though latest computers have a camera and microphone on it, please double-check that it works.)

2. Download and Install Skype on your computer.
Follow the URL below.

3. Create your account.
If you could installed it without any incident, you’ll get a create account page.
If not, go to create your account.

   Please keep your account name and your password.

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