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Staff Blog≫ NEWS≫ Course of Culinary Arts for Professionals – The Master Chef Francesco CONIGLIO visiting Japan for the open lectures

Hello all!
This is Accademia Riaci School staff.

This week, our professor of culinary arts course for professionals at Accademia Riaci in Florence,
Prof. Francesco Coniglio visits Japan for the first time.
He also works at the Italian federal hotel and catering academy, “Alberghiero”.

The staff of the Accademia Riaci Tokyo Office were very busy preparing this event.
Prof. Coniglio cooks various popular events including celebrities parties.
Last weekend, for example, we got so excited to hear that he worked as the Master Chef for the Madonna concert in Florence.
Yes, we must succeed this event!

Theme of the open lectures in Japan was decided as “the Latest trend of Italian Cooking”.
You can try and cook a whole course menu within one day. The menu is “Tuscana Cuisine and Italian Regional Cuisine”, starting from appetizer to dessert.

We would like to make best lessons for all the participants, and our staff are doing our best for preparation.





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