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Learning under gentle sunlight in Florence in spring

The spring course for a short term with the interpreter which Accademia Riaci sponsors is going to be opened in from February. As for the period, You can participate from 600 euro (It does not include aviation costs) and there are three kinds of durations, eight days, two weeks, three weeks. The course contents is the jewelry making.

A full support by a national staff, So the Italian beginner without anxious.

Because of the system of a small number of people, in all courses you could be taught depending on the level of each student. We can participate from a beginner to a professional because you could be taught individually. It is relief that the person who for the first time goes to Italy does not need the worry of words because all courses are with interpretation.
You can taste an atmosphere of the local life by staying the flat that Italians usually use.
In addition, this course is very reasonable because it is with the free Italian language lesson. Besides you can add the option separately and please participate by all means.

Course Overview

Jewelry Making

An elegant ring of the silver is challenged to make in the 8 days' course. Even beginners could complete two or three rings or pierced earrings of the openwork in the 3 weeks' course. There are 2 lessons a week, and each lesson is intensive one of 4 hours.A person without the experience could completed tight. Why don't you make a treasure of the memory which is the only one in the world?

Accademia Riaci Jewelry Making 01 398 × 398 Accademia Riaci Jewelry Making 02 450 × 450 Accademia Riaci Jewelry Making 03 450 × 450
Schedule and Fees
Period Fees The date of entrance Course start date
 A) 6nights 7days €600.00 please ask by e-mail. please ask by e-mail.
 B1) 2 weeks €1000.00 please ask by e-mail. please ask by e-mail.
 B2) 2 weeks €806.00 please ask by e-mail. please ask by e-mail.
 C1) 3weeks €1240.00 please ask by e-mail. please ask by e-mail.
 C2) 3weeks €1130.00 please ask by e-mail. please ask by e-mail.
Air tickets Not including
Accomodation Flat (Twin or triple: 2 beds or 3 beds in a room)
Including The Jewelry lesson(Twice a week, each one is 2 hours.), the accomodation fees while lessons, the fees of the English interpreter while lessons

The free Italian language lesson: There is an Italian language course (45min a lesson,Twice a week).

Not including: The fees of materials for art lessons, Option(the Dolce course, the Bread or Pizza course, the Jewelry course, a short trip), personal fees(telephone costs, the money for souvenir, water rate & heat or air-cooled rate, electric rate), air tickets, insurance and so on.

*Schedule may be changed for the reasons of the accepters of internship students without prior notice. Please confirm the final schedule although the number of lesson shold not be changed. If you would know more informationm, could you contact the office of Accademia Riaci?
*For more infomation, please ask by e-mail.

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