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Does Italy have the same voltage as the United States?

No, the voltage in Italy is different, and we advise you not to buy transformers because generally they do not work properly, and you run the risk of blowing the fuse. It is better to buy hairdryers a… [Read more]

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How much money will I need a week for daily life?

It depends on what you want to do. Habits vary enormously from student to student. If you do not include travel or leisure expenditures but only the very basic needs to survive you can budget a minimu… [Read more]

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What kind of clothes should I bring?

Comfortable warm clothes for the fall and winter, lighter clothes for the spring and a nice outfit or two for special occasions.… [Read more]

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What is the weather like?

The weather in Florence is comparatively mild. The summers are quite warm and often sticky. The winter brings the cold wind from the North. While the surrounding mountains get most of the snow, rain d… [Read more]

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What can I do in my free time?

Florence is a city of endless possibilities! You can't possibly see all of the hundreds of historical monuments and museums that are located throughout Florence! Morning might find you taking espresso… [Read more]

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Should I bring my own laptop?

If you are going to take design classes (Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Shoe Design, Bag Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design), we strongly recommend you to bring your own laptop t… [Read more]

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Should I open a bank account?

If you have a bank account with an international cash card (compatible to the "PLUS", "CIRRUS", or "VISA", you will have direct access to your account through the compatible ATM Bank booths, making a … [Read more]

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How should I take money in Italy?

Below are some recommend options : 1.) Cash: You should bring some cash changed into EURO prior to your departure, for unexpected expenses and enough to get you throught the first few days. 2.) ATM … [Read more]

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Do I need a VISA to study in Italy?

It depends on your NATIONALITY and on your COURSE DURATION. The citizens of the following (non-EU) countries, do NOT require a visa to study in Italy for a maximum of 90 days (12 weeks): Albania… [Read more]

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